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  1. menarik sekali pak, ingin sekali saya mempelajari dari bapak untuk membuktikan bahwa apa yang tidak mungkin itu bisa menjadi mungkin
  2. My curiosity lies with how much the local hawkers, who presumably are trying to support their family, detract or add to the authentic experience of both the natural wonder and the context within which it lies.
  3. I learned that I could actually write something that long. The relentless pace made it hard to get comfortable with my output because if I didn’t keep moving along, I’d be behind.I realize now that I need to flesh out the story more, but that actually getting it down in some fashion beyond an outline will make that easier. The characters consumed me for the month…I had to write a few poems just to keep from going insane….I don’t know how well that worked out….

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